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New Unitus Labs case study challenges current approach to helping ultra poor

October 15, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

Early Introduction of Livelihoods Found to be Critical Factor In Moving Large Numbers Out of Extreme Poverty For years, ultra poor interventions built around subsidies and skill-building activities have helped to move households living below the extreme poverty line toward some productive activity or eligibility for microfinance schemes. For all their individual successes, these interventions… Read more >

New Kriti ultra poor case study offers insights on livelihood development

September 9, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

With higher cost of living and little access to arable land, ultra poor households in urban areas face very different obstacles than their rural counterparts. To respond to these needs, in 2009 Hyderabad-based Kriti Social Initiatives joined the Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative to pilot a program that paired livelihood development with cost-effective provision of basic… Read more >

Unitus Labs releases first Ultra Poor pilot case study

August 12, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

UPna sapna case study finds new strategies for selecting and enrolling ultra poor households in programs to promote self-reliance Unitus Labs today released its first Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative case study which explores the Jharkhand, India-based UPna sapna project experience researching more scalable ways to provide opportunities for families to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. The case… Read more >

Unitus Labs announces new strategic focus to improve incomes of millions battling poverty

June 13, 2011 Unitus Impact, Unitus Labs, Update

Unitus Labs (formerly Unitus, Inc.) announces a new strategic alliance with Unitus Impact to catalyze new markets for livelihood ventures in Asia and Africa, creating significant income-generating opportunities for millions battling poverty. Seattle and Bangalore (June 13, 2011) – Unitus Labs announced today that it is supporting a new initiative to build income-generating opportunities for millions… Read more >

Unitus non-profit changes name to Unitus Labs

June 13, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

Unitus, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has officially changed its name from “Unitus, Inc” to “Unitus Labs” to better reflect its historical approach and current and going forward focus to engage in early-stage research on and the support for market-based solutions that reduce global poverty. Read More >

Unitus Capital Annual Update

May 15, 2011 Unitus Capital, Update

Letter to Clients, Investors, and Other Friends of Unitus Capital (UC) The year ended March 31, 2011 was an exciting year for the global impact investing industry in general; a challenging year for the microfinance industry, particularly in India;  and a period of extraordinary expansion for our firm. Today we have  23 employees, up more than… Read more >

Unitus, Inc. announces funding for four microfinance innovations projects

May 1, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

Unitus, Inc. has provided $227,000 to fund four innovative microfinance pilot projects at leading India MFIs As part of Unitus Inc’s commitment to fulfill existing Microfinance Acceleration commitments, we are pleased to announce USD$227,000 funding of four innovation projects at leading India microfinance institutions (MFIs). We believe that these initiatives will help improve microfinance operations by creating robust… Read more >

Unitus, Inc. announces new CEO

March 1, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

Unitus, Inc.’s board of directors has appointed Dave Richards as CEO of non-profit, Unitus, Inc. Richards will assume responsibility for overseeing strategy and operations for the Unitus, Inc. and Unitus Investment Management (UIM) non-profits reporting to the respective Unitus, Inc. and UIM boards. Richards has been a board member of Unitus, Inc. since 2006 and… Read more >

Unitus, Inc. funds loan guarantee for Kenyan microfinance bank

January 31, 2011 Unitus Labs, Update

Unitus, Inc. partners with Financial Sector Deepening Kenya to provide guarantee for a $400,000 loan facility to Yehu Microfinance based in Mombasa, Kenya Unitus, Inc. has provided a grant of USD$350,000 to Financial Sector Deepening Kenya (FSDK) in support of a loan guarantee which FSDK is providing for a new USD$400,000 loan facility extended to Yehu… Read more >

Unitus, Inc. Update on Progress for 2010

December 22, 2010 Unitus Labs, Update

This is a follow-up to our July 2 announcement that we would redirect our efforts toward new poverty alleviation strategies and initiate no new microcredit acceleration projects. We want to keep you informed about what we’re doing to fulfill our commitments. This letter serves as a stewardship report from our board to you. We are… Read more >

Unitus-Hewitt Microfinance Compensation & Benefits Survey 2010

June 6, 2010 Unitus Labs, Update

Successful microfinance institutions are made up of successful individuals, and as Unitus discovered in its 2009 Compensation Benchmarking study, well-designed compensation programs play a significant role in crafting a high-performing staff. As such, Unitus is proud to announce the launch of the second annual Unitus-Hewitt Microfinance Compensation & Benefits Survey. Open to MFIs throughout India, the Survey… Read more >

Equitas Program Empowers the Differently Abled

May 1, 2010 Unitus Labs, Update

Believing a physical challenge should not automatically create a financial one, Indian partner Equitas launched a program in late 2008 to encourage participation by the differently abled in local microfinance activities. A year later, after putting aside traditional notions of their role in their communities, a representative sample of differently abled Equitas members in Chennai… Read more >