Innovation in Action: Equitas

September 1, 2009 Posted by Unitus Labs, Update

A Unitus partner since September 2007, Equitas, based in Chennai, India, is one of the fastest-growing MFIs in India. In just over 20 months of operations, the young MFI has reached more than 500,000 clients.

The bedrock of Equitas’s scalability is its approach of delivering efficient back-office support to its branch teams. Equitas has established a dedicated and centralized back-office team, allowing field personnel to focus purely on customer-facing activities. This system has dramatically increased productivity, with each loan officer able to manage a caseload of 2,500 clients and a team of only 70 back-office personnel deployed to service the entire customer base of 500,000. Such high levels of efficiency are possible because of a series of technological innovations adopted by the IT and Operations teams.

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